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Real Wedding — Melanie + Oscar

The spring of 2022 was a busy one and I"m beyond excited to share some snapshots of all of my beautiful clients! Let's start thing off with the tenacious Melanie and Oscar who pushed through Covid to have a intimate service with family and later came together for a gorgeous celebration captured by the lens of Anette Miguel Photography.

A Stained Glass Celebration

Melanie and Oscar came together along with their family and friends to celebrate their love surrounded by the ethereal stained glass of the Gelman Stained Glass Museum in San Juan, Texas, which houses one of the largest collections in the United States. An eclectic range range of colors cast a soft glow throughout the cathedral highlighting the vastness of the room, all the while bringing forth an intimate warmth.

The "I Do"

Walking down the isle towards the love of your life is something hard to describe. Walking down the isle surrounded by friends and family after being apart for so long is indescribable. Melanie and Oscar's Celebration of Marriage was commemorated by the placement of the traditional wedding lasso on their shoulders as a symbol of their everlasting union and status as one in the eyes of the Lord which was also accompanied with plenty of smiles from all those around them.

The Style