A personal highlight of working with wedding is receiving a wedding photo albums from clients and photographers. Being able to see the work of so many vendors successfully coming together brings about a certain kind of joy that is hard to express.

After plans were changed by covid, Darlene and Jorge were finally able to celebrate their dream wedding in the autumn of 2021, surrounded by family, friends, and the towering palm trees of Villa de Palmas Gardens in San Juan, Texas. Every beautiful detail was captured by the lens of Edgar Vega Photography and I'm beyond happy to share some of his gorgeous shots.

The Reception

Darlene and Jorge's reception was held at sunset under the cool shade of palm trees and lit by the soft glow of hanging lights. Their wedding vision of greenery, gold, and all shades of blush was on display in every facet of their decor.

The Cake

For their wedding cake, Darlene and Jorge fully embraced the whimsical side of nature. The sleek white surface of the cake was covered with a blend of ruffled palette knife flowers and gold base leaves. Their cake was finished with delicate touches of gold dragees and eucalyptus buds.

The cake flavor was a tender Marble cake made of fluffy vanilla cake swirled with rich chocolate and filled with a classic Cream Cheese filling and finished with an Italian Meringue Buttercream on the exterior.

Darlene and Jorge. You two had me smiling from our first hellos and even while I was driving away with my cake stand. Thank you two so much for being so kind, giving and so full of joy, and for trusting me with bringing you cake to life. You two are beyond amazing!

The Team

Cake Stand: @prop.options
Coffee Bar: @kairoscoffeecatering
Photography: @edgarvegaphotographer
Seeded Eucalyptus: @southernrootsflowermarket
Venue: @villadepalmasgardens Video: @memoriesinmotionweddingfilms Wedding Cake: @irissreetbakery

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I can't tell you how happy I am to share some images from photographer Photos by Brendon of my wonderfully talented clients Amy and Gid's wedding at Rancho Guadalupe for their first wedding anniversary.

The Venue

Amy and Gid's wedding reception was held at Rancho Guadalupe's indoor location where modern meets ranch in the best way possible. Found on the outskirts of Edinburg, the venue is a sprawling 1400 acre property that houses a ceremony and reception venue, both with a lakefront view.

The Style

Amy and Gid's wedding vision was inspired by their love of the stage and the stars that grace it. From their rich jewel tones to the celestial design accents, every aspect of their wedding represented their creativity and warmth!

The Cake

For their wedding cake, Amy and Gid wanted to recreate the night sky from their first date on the 12th of August. The lightly marbled tiers were accented with hand painted constellations along with gold dragées to place an emphasis on the brightest stars of each piece of sky art. Their cake was finished with a custom made topper created my Amy and her father.

The cake flavor was a sweet and fluffy Almond Cake with a tart Blackberry filling and our smooth Swiss Meringue Buttercream.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much to Amy and Gid for allowing me to bring their cake vision to life and for sharing your story with me!

The Team

Photography: @photos_by_brendon
Coordinator: @4stanleyevents_
Desserttable: @thequeenskitchenrgv
Venue: @ranchoguadalupergv
Decorations + Floral: @dreamweddingsrgv
Makeup Artist: Nicole Redondo
Hair: Jessica Delgado
DJ: Rolando Avalos
Photo Booth: @vegaseventgroup
Performing Groups: @gracestrings956@mariachi_mariposas
Topper: @your_favorite_amy@giddelarosa
Wedding Cake: @irisstreetbakery
Cake Stand: @prop.options

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Three years later and I STILL smile whenever I remember Ayssa and Eric's wedding. If these photos have you smiling too, feel free to check out some more real weddings!

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Updated: Jul 19

I'm beyond excited to share with you some images from photographer Stephanie Rios of my amazing friends Ayssa and Eric's wedding at Real Del Valle for their third wedding anniversary. You both are such a blessing and thank you for letting me bring you cake vision to life!

The Ceremony

Ayssa and Eric's ceremony took place under the picturesque Quinta Versailles gazebo at Real Del Valle which is located in the southern most part of Edinburg, Texas.

The Family

What can I say? Family is everything.

The Cakes

For their wedding cake, Ayssa and Eric chose a five-tier fluted side design which was accented with blue and white fresh flowers along with a healthy serving of seeded eucalyptus.

The cake flavor was a rich Italian Cream with smooth Italian Meringue Buttercream as the filling and icing.

Eric's groom's cake was the Italian Cream Cake with Dulce de Leche Filling. The design is heavily influenced by his love of his fishing and finished with an edible image based off of one of his student's artwork.

Ready for more?

Three years later and I STILL smile whenever I remember Ayssa and Eric's wedding. If these photos have you smiling too, feel free to check out some more real weddings!

xox Michelle

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