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Real Wedding — Giovanna + Ricardo

The moment Giovanna and Ricardo told me that their wedding would be inspired by the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, I was all in. Being able to sit down fellow Harry Potter lovers to plan such an original cake was a once in a lifetime opportunity I won't be forgetting anytime soon. Plus it was a hug bonus to know that one half of this wonderful couple was a fellow Slytherin and the other half shared my humor, so I knew from the jump that this was a match made in Hogwarts Heaven.

Giovanna and Ricardo's wedding and reception took place on the historical grounds of The Bryan House, located in Mission, Texas. This venue is the perfect picture of a garden wedding and possess a quiet charm that seamlessly incorporates the beauty of nature into every aspect of the ceremony and reception space. All of this natural allure and starry eyed wonder of the family and friends was captured through the talented lens of the duo of Alaa and Brenda of Alaa Marzouk Photography who were kind enough to share Giovanna and Ricardo's special moments with me and in turn all of you!

The Details

Every detail matters when it comes to the wedding day. Whether it's a Slytherin green for a velvet bowtie and pocket square or Gryffindor red for velvet shoes to carry the bride down the isle, every single item has a special meaning... Especially a sweet Chocolate Frog with a ringed surprise for Giovanna and Ricardo.

The Setting

Every corner of this wedding was touched with the extraordinary eye of Deyzi Zuniga of Bella Valle Wedding and Events as she brought Giovanna and Ricardo's Harry Potter inspired vision to life. From the wedding cake backdrop of Acceptance Letters to Hogwarts, to The Winged Keys of the seating chart, and everything in between, not a detail was over looked but the watchful eyes of Deyzi and Giovanna. The fantastic decor worked in tandem by the beautiful floral arrangements and accents provided by Southern Root Floral Market and created the dramatic beauty that captured the hearts of the family and friends in attendance.

The Cake

Giovanna and Ricardo's wedding cake was inspired by the beautiful exchange between Albus Dumbledore and Severus Snape as the later gives the reply of "Always" as he admits to his never-ending love for Lily Potter. With the incorporation of lush flowers provided by Southern Roots Flower Market that bridge the gap between the Gryffindor and Slytherin houses of various shades of burgundy, white, and green, to the hand-crafted paper flowers from the pages of the Harry Potter series, this cake has the simple message of "Always."

The cake flavors were a nutty Almond Cake paired with a deep, yet slightly tart Blackberry Buttercream and classic Vanilla Bean Buttercream all masked with an Italian Meringue Buttercream and finished with a thin layer of fondant.

Giovanna and Ricardo, thank you both for allowing me to be a part of this magical day and for giving me to opportunity to reminisce on this book series that I green up with. Thank you both so much for sharing your wedding day memories with me and for giving me and my little Slytherin heart an cake experience of a life time! 💚🐍

The Team

Photography: @alaamrzk
Planner + Designer: @bellavalleevents
Calligraphy: @thewritegirlstudio
Ceremony Music: @violconsort
Coffee Bar: Kayla Coffee
DJ: Grizwall
Hair + Makeup: Keziah Beyan
Videographer: @alvarezfilmz
Wedding Cake: @irisstreetbakery

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xox Michelle

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